Thank you for celebrating Mothers' Day with us!
12 MAY 2016
Our $50, $30 & $20 dining vouchers are still available for sale


Thank you all (customers, suppliers and hungy-go-where) for making our Mother’s day Promotion a success! :)

Congratulations to all mothers who receive our free $20 & $30 dining vouchers!:) We hope to welcome you back soon! :)

For those who didn’t receive the vouchers, don’t worry, you can still buy our $50, $30 & $20 dining vouchers right at our doorstep.

Thank you all for celebrating Mothers’ Day with us and do remember to always love your mother unconditionally! :) See you soon! :)


多谢各位和我们庆祝母亲节!恭喜你们收到免费餐券!如果你没收到免费餐券,尽快过来买我们的 $50, $30 & $20 的餐券。